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Relive INBOUND23 with us


INBOUND23 was full of great speakers, booths, excitement, and ideas. Here is how INBOUND went down!

How INBOUND23 went down

12,000+ Marketing & Sales professionals invaded Boston for a week of education, excitement, and growth.

Free money for everyone

The HIVE Booth

HIVE had a booth at INBOUND23 full of debates of who is cuter — Buzzy the Bee or Barry the Bear (Barry won in a landslide), Market Like A Human books, and even free cash. Yes, we handed out free $2 bills and a $500 grand prize swag bag!
Educational Session by Dustin Brackett

More ≠ Better: How to Market Like A Human

Our CEO + Founder presented on how organizations can incorporate a more human-centric approach in their marketing campaigns highlighted by the six pillars of his book, Market Like A Human, including Transparency, Personality, Authenticity, Consistency, Being Helpful, and Community.

The team from our INBOUND23 Booth

Meet the HIVE

Dustin Headshot

Dustin Brackett

CEO + Founder, Author of Market Like A Human
Michael Headshot

Michael Thebeau

Director of Sales
Mallory Headshot

Mallory Fetchu

Director of Marketing Operations
Louden Headshot

Matt Louden

Director of Development
Amber Headshot

Amber Bolusan

Senior Marketing Manager
Chris Headshot

Chris Queen

HubSpot Admin, HIVE Hub
Desiree Headshot

Desiree Landa

Agency Marketing Manager
How INBOUND23 went down

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